The Children’s Art School is celebrating fourteen years of creating in depth art education for interested and talented young artists.

JOY OF ART classes, family series and outreach programs give tools to express ideas, nurture creative thinking and promote aesthetic

 literacy. The world of nature and master artists are our inspiration.
Children’s Art School JOY OF ART summer weeklong 

classes start in June through July.


BUZZ  FLUTTER  FLY   There is a frantic, fluttering, Momma Butterfly looking for a home.  The Children"s Art School invites young artists to explore how to invite nature's wild creatures that fly, flutter and buzz into your garden or patio with food, water and shelter on DPS Teacher Professional Day, Friday, April 19.  Design Hummingbird Fountains, Bird Feeders and a Fluttering Butterfly with sunlight wings.  Receive a Color In Packet to help identify your new creature friends and seed to plant that Momma Butterflies love!  

ages 8+     times  9:00 am to 12:00 pm     fee $45
 date   Friday, April 19

 DRAWING DISCOVERIES   Young artists will celebrate summer 

with sketching trips to gardens and parks.  Learn new ways to use colored pencils to master quick sketches and finished drawings. Design your own sketchbook. Find out why sketches are every artist's tool.  Explore Master Artist John Constable's sketchbooks for drawing discoveries treasures.

ages 8+     times  9:00 am to 12:00 pm    fee $200
 dates   June 24 to June 28

     PAINTING MAGIC  Discover how to create an acrylic painting on canvas of your very most favorite thing.  

Young artists will learn to use brushstrokes, palette knives, mix colors and plan compositions on canvas to fill a space beautifully.  

       ages 8+    times 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm     fee $210   
     dates   June 24 to June 28

   CLAY CASTLES   Let your imagination soar to construct

a fantasy castle with high turrets.  Master hand building of slabs and coils to create a castle manner with a cast of knights, fair princesses and even a dragon.  Learn about medieval life from tapestry stories and a Duke's calendar as you design a magical panorama of castles and kings.

ages 7+    time  9:00 am to 12:00 pm     fee $200
 dates   July 8 to July 12

PRESS PRINT SURPRISE   To print is to make an impression.  Explore the ways to print from etchings, collages to monotypes.  Learn how to pull a print and why it is always a surprise. Use a Printing Press to create your own cards and posters.  Find out how amazing prints are everywhere and tell stories.  

ages 7+    times 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm    fee $200

dates    July 8 to July 12

 WONDERFUL WATERCOLORS  Explore Wonderful watercolors that flow with a life of their own.  Young artists will learn how to pull a wash of rainbow colors with brushstroke tricks.  Make your own watercolor paper and learn why it is a color.  Master Artist Winslow Homer's paintings of adventure ships and children's games will guide our adventures.

ages 8+    times  9:00 am to 12:00 pm    fee $200

dates    July 22 to July 26


   LIGHT FANTASTIC  Young artists will create sculptures with Light Fantastic to surround with amazing colors and shapes.  We will explore the universe with starlight magic wands, learn how light can tell stories in in sunlight windows and design glasses to see the world in arcs of color. Experiments will show surprising ways to bend and reflect light.  Our explorations will include modern artists who create with Light Fantastic.

 ages 8+    times 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm    fee $200

dates    July 22 to July 26 

       ART CASTLES is a curriculum of essential skills and knowledge developed by the Children's Art School. It opens the gates of mastery for the young artist with building blocks to construct a tower of skills in drawing, painting and sculpture.  Individualized instruction and projects are developed with the goal of encouraging confidence to express creative ideas and developing artistic literacy.

      Art Castles are offered Wednesdays afternoons during the school year and as an Outreach orVirtual Classes for Homeschoolers and Private Schools.

more about JOY OF ART

discover art that explores the world and lets the imagination soar

The Children’s Art School was established with the belief that creating art is essential to every child’s cognitive and personal development. We have originated a way of teaching art based on how children learn and the role art plays in developmental stages. Our classes are small to encourage individualized discovery learning and exploration. The Children's Art School is a DPS Community Resources arts organization and has been featured in Colorado Art Educators Association’s, Collage.  

Children's Art School presents our Family Art projects for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival's Creative Station Artivity Avenue.  The Children's Art School is looking forward to Summer Art Smart Camps of creative discovery.


The Children’s Art School's JOY OF ART classes in drawing, printing and painting explore how to use art materials to enable young artists to find their own creative voices to share with the world.

JOY OF ART Registration is by phone or email.  For more information or a complete brochure, contact

303 369-7956 or hello@


We  look forward to your family being part of the Winter and Summer Programs~

Merci bien ~ Thank You

St. Mary’s ACC Parish for hosting our classes and the sunlight classroom www.saintmarysacc.org
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     Children's Art School is located at 2290 South Clayton Street,  
Denver 80210, in the University Park Neighborhood.